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D. Glass Associates Bioremediation Reports

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D. Glass Associates, Inc.

Bioremediation Reports

I'd like to order the following Bioremediation Reports (check off each report you'd like to order):

2004 U.K./Germany Bioremediation Report

____ Bioremediation in the United Kingdom and Germany (view Table of Contents)

_____ Cost = U.S. $300.

2000 Bioremediation Reports

____ The United States Remediation Market (view Table of Contents)

____ United States Bioremediation Companies (view Table of Contents)

____ Bioremediation: U.S. and European Microbial Product Companies (view Table of Contents)

Please check the appropriate box:

_____ If ordering one (1) report, cost = U.S. $100.

_____ If ordering two (2) reports, cost = U.S. $150.

_____ If ordering three (3) reports, cost = U.S. $200.

These prices apply to the 2000 Bioremediation Reports only.

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