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Phytoremediation, the use of plants, grasses and trees to remove, degrade or sequester hazardous contaminants from the environment, is a rapidly growing sector of the site remediation industry. This technology is potentially applicable to a variety of contaminants, including heavy metals, radionuclides, inorganic compounds and organic compounds, and can be used on soils, groundwater and wastewater. D. Glass Associates, Inc. (DGA) has published two market reports on phytoremediation, entitled "U.S. and International Markets for Phytoremediation, 1999-2000", in July 1999, and "The 1998 U.S. Market for Phytoremediation", in April 1998, as well as "The 2000 Phytoremediation Industry", an industry directory published in February 2000. These reports are now available for purchase from D. Glass Associates, Inc. (click here for ordering information).

Dr. Glass is currently employed by Joule Unlimited, and he is no longer offering consulting services through D. Glass Associates, Inc. For more information, please contact Dr. Glass. The market reports mentioned above are still available for purchase, by following the above links.

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