D. Glass Associates, Inc.

"The United States Remediation Market"
David J. Glass, Ph.D.
March 2000
Table of Contents

Market Characterization: Types and Numbers of Sites

Numbers, Types of Contaminated Sites

Market Size

The United States Site Remediation Market

The Market for Innovative Treatment Technologies

The Market for Bioremediation

International Remediation Markets

List of Tables
Table 1. Estimated Contaminated Sites in the United States.
Table 2. Estimates of the U.S. Site Remediation Market.
Table 3. Innovative Technologies for Soil Treatment
Table 4. Innovative Technologies for Groundwater Treatment.
Table 5. Published Estimates of U.S. Bioremediation Markets.
Table 6. Estimated U.S. Bioremediation Markets.
Table 7. Estimated Bioremediation Markets by Sector.

List of Figures
Figure 1. Frequencies of Major Contaminant Groups at NPL Sites with RODs.
Figure 2. Frequencies of Contaminant Subgroups at NPL Sites with RODs.
Figure 3. Frequencies of the Most Common Contaminants at NPL Sites with RODs.
Figure 4. Frequency of Most Common Contaminant Groups at a Sample of RCRA Corrective Action Sites.
Figure 5. Major Contaminant Groups by Matrix at DOD Sites Needing Cleanup.
Figure 6. Percent of DOE Installations and Other Locations Containing Specific Contaminants.
Figure 7. Source Control Technologies Selected for Superfund Sites Through Fiscal Year 1995
Figure 8. Remedies Selected for Soil at 86 RCRA Corrective Action Facilities Sites.

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